Saturday, 10 February 2018


Your wcw had a long day today but thank God it’s the weekend, 
the idea alone gave me strength to write.
So I’m lying down on my bed and listening to Perfect by Edsheeran 
while i make a draft of this post. (don’t judge me, it’s Cupid’s month)

Anyway I am one of those persons who believe that showing/sharing love 
should not be restricted to one particular month of the year. 
We should be able to show and share love every day.

Well I do love the special vibes the 14th gives off so .. we’re good! 

Pardon my on-and-off presence on the blog still trying to 
find a way around managing a blog consistently which is like literally my die zone sadly,
 but i am working on it. 

This post is literally about My life as a blogger and lessons learnt.

 My outfit 

Top - Atmosphere
Skirt - Mom’s [restructured]
Shoes - Mom’s
Glow - Lewa cosmetics on IG 

Yess we can totally agree that my mum is the real OG.

Well i have been blogging for a few months now and I can proudly say that 
I have changed so much as a person and in a good way too. 
Though it’s been a whole lot of work.. from creating contents to 
getting great photos to putting up the posts itself  and then promotions 
because people have got to see your posts..
.. lets not even get started on social media management etc.
My point is, It’s not jolly ride and mostly bloggers/working bloggers can totally relate 

While reading this, I want you to relate it to your own personal life,
 you don’t have to be a blogger to make these words mean something to you.

Being a Blogger has taught me:


One of the greatest disappointments in life is wanting something
 so bad and even working hard towards achieving that dream/goal only to end up loosing it. 


As February ended, everyone complained about how un-ending it seemed ... 
personally, I didn't think January was awfully lengthy.. 

Okay maybe once or twice while I was waiting on payday...Lol

People said January was a trial month but I certainly do not think so.
 thankfully I made no resolutions this year but active decisions.
So my key is; If it didn't work January, February is another great opportunity to try again...
 that’s basically how I planned my life this year. 


I have learnt that Consistency is a MAJOR key in life.! 

So in order to be relevant and get people to commit to you and what you do. You have to be consistent. 


Most times opportunities will not just come to you randomly, 
You have to create opportunities in order to make your dreams come through. 

Well if you are lucky and you get legit opportunities served on a platter. 
Never, I repeat never take it for granted.


Do not compare yourself with other people if it’s not gonna motivate you to be a better version of yourself.
Mr A is doing well yes, he’s doing better than you yes, So what? 

-Do you know their sacrifices?

- Have u felt their burdens?

-Are u aware of their struggles? 

-Do you know anything? 

In all honesty, you really don’t! 
Remember, Not all that glitters is gold.

Run-your-race! Life is not a competition.
It is more important to finish well than to finish first.


All I can say here is NEVER EVER give up! No matter what happens .. because
It is never truly over until it's over. 

That's all from me today.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018



Wow! We here already ... If you reading this post, it means

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

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