Friday, 24 November 2017


Hello guys!
I have not been able to put up a new post in the past week because my laptop decided to act like the enemy and crashed on me! sighs but we here now and hey yesterday was BLACK FRIDAY, the shopping was really crazy not for me though but i know it was for most folks with grown bank account.

Anyways, we are still in the month of November but it feels like December season is almost here with so many planned/ unplanned partys and events everywhere, I mean it feels like there is always some sort of celebration/party every freaking weekend till the New years and there is only one thing that would bother a typical fashion girl, take a guess? the endless streams of ' what to wear' ! 
Planning outfits this holiday season can be hella stressful but try not to be overwhelmed, click on my last post PERSONALITY MEETS STYLE; talks about how to be ready for any occasion. 

On this post am sharing a range of 'must haves' to a reliable closet this holiday season,  A guide to knowing pieces that would help you through this festive season.

⚫️Little black dress (LBD) : Sounds basic yeah? But believe me, with the right accessories (simple or not so much) you can always trust it to give you a reliable  'A list look' with hardly any extra work. 
 LBD can be dressed up with heels for a sassy date night or with sneakers/sandals for a casual holiday party. 

⚫️Jumpsuits : theseeeee are a classy..

  ___They work for cocktail and office parties, as you can easily take off your jacket and get your groove on with your LBD or Jumpsuit on.

⚫️Glitters: Festive seasons are really the only season where shimmers and sparkles are not regarded as over the top! In fact this is fashionably the right time to be practical with rich and luxury colors. 
So y'all need your Sequins, Embroidery, Velvet, Pleats, Fringes... the more the merrier! Lol
 ___They work for RSVP 's and Festive parties.

⚫️Having these three things below  ⬇️.. should not be underrated.

___Basic jacket (Denims preferably for me) because they  can be paired with almost anything, shift dresses, trousers, skirts and so on.

___Denim trouser, My personal preference is a skinny or boyfriend jeans because it's more modern and/or a denim mini skirt.

___White tees is a must have for every closet, holiday or not. Get one from your boyfriend, if you don't have a boyfriend, then get one from your brothers if you don't  have a brother you not totally hopeless yet lol .. just go to a store and simply get one.
Appropriate combinations of the above three would definitely work for casual hangout with friends or holiday street parties and even holiday shopping. talking about holiday shopping I always advice against  super tight pants because that will only earn you stares not discount plus harassment from these Lagos market boys with no atom of respect for the female body. (Mostly Lagosians can relate).  

 ___Get a clue on what the party is about ___Is it a major high class party with total strangers and a few basic friends (not close) ? Better go 10 on them! 
But if it's with close friends, there’s no need to show up in full festive attire. Your friends already love you!( that's where your Jean and tees/crops  plus a jacket or not comes in handy) 
 ___But if you still haven't got a clue; i'ld normally say it's better to be overly dressed than to be the least dressed but to be honest it's almost embarrassing to be the only one wearing a sexy red dress in a party where everyone else is looking casual in denims and tees. So to avoid looking totally different from every one else. it's better to just make an effort but don't try too hard .

While you are processing, you can start with Black Friday deals to get discount  ; to see more details on how shop on Bl

⚫️Finally a SMILE; A wise man once said that you never fully dressed without a smile.
Have a splendid weekend !


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