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picture from instagram @beauimperium ... Amazing makeup artist! You should definitely link up if you in Abuja!

Picture from Instagram @Beauimperium Amazing makeup artist..

if you want to glowwww and you in Abuja, you should definitely link up.
Ps: No this is not a paid advert but well we talking about beauty tips ain't we? I should as well link ya'll up! Thank me later though

Remember how on my last 'DIY'post i said it is hard enough being a woman which is why we need more tips on how to make things easier for us? Okay i have decided to turn my 'DIY'posts into series as my way of contribution for us, our sisters, our girlfriends too .. Yaay! I hope y'all are as excited about this like i am ...

On my 'DIY'series am gonna be talking about Fashion, styles, beauty, nightlife and a whole lotta  interesting topics that i like personally and these posts are gonna come up on the blog Tuesdays every week.

So On my post today am gonna be giving out free tips that i have personally tried, tested, and  proven to work well. 

• Apply vaseline to certain parts of your body where you spray your perfume to make the fragrance last longer 

• Out of shaving cream? Don't worry love, you can as well use hair conditioner and baby oil! Surprising ? Yeah but it actually does the job well.

• Way back in school after having my nails done, my nail lady never had the machine used for instant dry, I would simply dunk my fingers in cold pure water .. and voila! my nails would always dry faster.

• If you are a nails person then should know that shops always charge more for matte polish than the normal ones. Anyway my point is you can get your matte nails done at home .. just simply raise polished nails above steaming water and watch them turn matte.

• If you don't have a face primer , always moisturize your face with oil before applying foundation ..Look for a moisturizer that suits your skin and you are good to go. For me i use coconut oil.

• After washing your hair, You can use an old T-shirt to pat dry your hair instead of towels .. rubbing towels causes hair breakage and fritz 

• Those of you that brag about your eye-bags being designers Lol ... Rinse your face with cold water and your face relieve will stress.

• On this point, this is me advicing myself, you can decide to take to the advice too.. Lol! Do not pop pimples, i repeat Do not ! well since am stubborn ill continue with my advice.. so i was saying .. if you must pop them make sure to clean with a sterile cotton wool and a good cleanser, then ice for 5minuites .. to reduce redness and swelling.

• During really sunny weathers .. do not apply too much oil on your legs .. it make the legs look shades darker than the body.

• Even though it is messy, to achieve a full coverage for foundation, make use of your fingers because using a brush will only give you medium coverage .

• Always apply powder from your face all the way down to your neck to even out the skin tone .

• While applying eyeliner .. tilt your head up towards the mirror while looking down as you apply. 

• Before applying mascara, place a paper tape behind the lashes to cover your lids, so that you can really use the mascara wand to sweep through the roots of your lashes upwards without causing a mess & still yet achieve length & fullness .

So loves .. how do you feel about my new 'DIY' series ? Are you excited about this? Are there other additional beauty tips not mentioned above that you would like to share? I'ld love to meet you in the comment section ...  i'l be thrilled to read your comments.

Remember the 'DIY'Series comes up Tuesdays !

See you again then! 


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