Monday, 9 October 2017


Being a woman in itself is more difficult than a 6-6hr job best believe!
No complaints though just for

the sake of stating facts...Lol anyway my point is, being provided with side tips to make it much easier, it's always a welcomed idea.

* Wash new jeans atleast twice before taking it to a tailor for amendment .. because Jean fabric always  tend to reduce in size after been washed. 

* Remove odour from vintage and thrift clothes by spritzing them with vodka solution ( 1part vodka mixed with 2parts water) 

* If you don't have time to try out trousers while buying them, try the neck method. By placing the waistline of the trouser round your neck to determine size. If the both edges of the waistline comfortably meets at the back of ur neck then the jeans will fit .

* Using fake designer bags are a huge no no! Not because it wrong per say but bc the authenticity is easy to spot.

* Spray tights/leggins with sticky hairspray... it prevents holes, runs and rips.

* If ur closet is small, don't keep ur shoes all boxed up... instead always line them up on the floor, let them breathe.

* Frequently used bras should be replaced once in 6months .. because by then they must av lost their elasticity.

* Diamond studs are a huge 'yes''s hard to spot the fake ones.

* When u are at a shop & in doubt about what size to pick ... Most persons will say pick a smaller Jean size but from experience I say it's either you don't buy at all ! Or pick a slightly bigger size because there is always a chance to re-fit it at a tailor's shop. 

* Remember the mist that appears on your mirror after hot baths especially ? You can remove using hair dryer.

* When cleaning out ur closet, have a friend over .
Some clothes still have potentials, you just can't see it .. having another pair of eyes helps

* Apply white nail polish to rings to hinder rusting & reduces tightness effect.

* With a magnet u can never loose your bobbin pins again. Get yourself one !

* If you are out of liquid eyeliner, you can use mascara instead .. all you have to do is deep the angle brush of the eyeliner into the mascara container or the wand & use as you would your liquid eyeliner.

* To get rid of bad odours from trainers ... leave peels of lime or orange overnight inside the shoes & remember to remove before wearing .

* You can use your breast tube to double as an underwear for transparent skirts /gowns .

* If you are not use to wearing heels and you have a date/meeting which requires you wearing them, all you have to do is wear them while doing all chores or whatever the day before the meeting/date. This helps your leg/feets get accustomed to the heels & gives you more confidence. 

 Some of y'all already know most !... but trust me to remind you! 

Well i'm sure that the above tips holds something that will make your Monday a little less stressful than the normal typical Mondays .

Have a good one guys! 


  1. Especially

    "When cleaning out ur closet, have a friend over .
    Some clothes still have potentials, you just can't see it .. having another pair of eyes helps"

    So i can help you pack the ones that "lack" potentials. Winks

    1. Lol! Actually the reason is to let me see the potentials so that i can keep using them instead of tossing them out ! Shocker.. lol

  2. Amazing tips! Can I use the orange peel for my shoes too?

  3. Thanks dear .. if it's a covered shoe, Yes u can

  4. ITSE Beauimperium24 October 2017 at 15:09

    Very helpful tips . Thanks ������


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