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Arghhh! Fashion week is finally over, it was a ..Read more
long ass weekend... At the moment am down with flu as i try to write up a post about my experience in recently concluded Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design week (HLFDW2017) For those of you who's been trying to figure out what the acronym stands for.

My fav lfdw shades from Veetra stores. 

Being my first fashion week and a newbie blogger, I didn't have a pass, not for press, not for the master classes either and i wanted to be more involved. Hence my work with the assembly hub. It was a tasking job. I couldn't do my window movement as much as i wanted to,  couldn't even dress as much as i wanted to well if i wanted to be comfortable that is.. plus the fact that I had to leave my house very early every morning, I literally had to do my makeup at the venue...
Anyway, the first thing i did in preparation was to pick out a comfort shoe, by that i mean something that i could wear to do all the running around my job requires and something that would still look good on all my outfits. And since i didn't necessarily want to go for flats, I opted for blockheeled strapped sandals. 

My first look was quite casual, being my first day yeah, your girls major motive was to observe, admire, network and then take my two cents out of everything. Anyway with my denim trousers, one of my fav black off shoulder blouses, my comfort shoes and my head scarf, i was good to go for day one! 

Fashion to me is a world of its own in the real world, i mean in LFDW2017 i saw fashion moves that made my goose like literally bump,  some weird, some crazy, some vintage, some simple, some classy, some luxurious, some extra, and when i say extra, I mean all the way down..Lol but in all they were very inspiring ... believe me after the show, something definitely changed.

It was fun all the way, Did i mention that i made a new friend.

Nonye of

And met a host of other bloggers.

Lade of Lade'sblog 

Ifeoma of

Lydia of My Style Port

On Day 3 of the fashion week, I wore a Versus Versace complete outfit, I still went with my regular comfort strapped sandals but 
this time i varied it a little by playing with the straps, I laced it differently than i did on day 1 and 2 and i added a little fur effect to compliment the colour of my bag, I can't forget my white handled tinted frame specs, Eko Atlantic was so crowded, so the fact that you can't see my eyes gives me some sort of confidence.

A few of my favs from the runway ...

Gert-johan Coetzee 

Bridget Awosika


N.B: pictures copped from instagram pages of lfdw and Onobello.

And on Day 4, my full outfit was DIY inspired. I basically wore a fringed turtle necked back gown on a transparent flared black skirt (everyone thought it was a gown)  made the belt out of satin fabric to give the dress a good fit and guess what ? It worked!  This time i left my comfort shoes at home lol and use a laced nude heels. it was a really simple look but i liked the fact that it was classy.

Am really glad I got to make the show, it was funnn all the way.. Even as a first timer, I had a great time.

Facts: Did you know that someone wore a ball gown  made with newspapers all through to LFDW2017

Facts: Did you know that most of the fashion moves we see in fashion shows cannot be worn on a normal day.

Did you attend ?

Who were your favorite designers ? 

What did you enjoy most about the show? I would love to see you in the comments .. 


  1. I was also at the show, I had a great time!. Reading your experience Is pretty cool! Love the details so interesting, plus lovely photos too.

    1. Thanks .. am glad u enjoyed reading my experience .

  2. Baby gilr😘😘😘😘😘


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