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It's official fam! the 70's have returned infact, it is safe to say they never left..
The fashion styles that trended from 1970's to early 80's are very  
unique & almost timeless that it has continued to influence our modern day fashion till date, if you have observed, these styles are now being re-invented into today's style ..

Details & major items such as the suedes, fringes, bell bottom pants, high waist designs ...these are iconic trends in the 70's that are have become very much wearable today ! 

The 70's look ranges from Hippie to Disco to Glam rock, sporty chic, boho chick, punk, Ethinc & folks look, safari & military...

*The 70's Hippie 

Tho hippie started in the 60's, they became a trendy look in the 70's .

The styles were actually kept casual, the cuts were also quite simple but oh ! the colours were eye catching.. from denims to suedes, maxi dresses too and yeah the flare pants was serious fashion way back, from being gently flared at the bottom they reached the wide bell  bottoms proportions by 75' after which they slowly reduced to straight & wide again but by the end of the 70's they were finally narrow again .. these things literally took the fashion world by a storm.

   Altho the hippie style can look overly dramatic in our today's fashion but there are ways it can be recreated to form a modern day hippie look & trust me when i say it's Fab U Lous ! 

*The 70's Disco 
The 70's Disco is popular with celebrity stars & designers i think it has to do with the glitters and shimmers of the look. 

..From fringes to sequins , embroidering, metallics to neons colours and high waisted pants.. i mean the style displays elegance & luxury. Today, Lady Gaga confidently rocks insanely high platform shoes without apologies .. Lol

*The 70's safari & military
This look were characterized by earthy tones, sand colors & khaki's. on top these colors there were features like silhouettes, patched pockets & belts.

The jumpsuits are trendy now for chicks & are perfect for a weekend look today Even Rihanna rocked one of these lately .

*The 70's sporty chick 
In the 70's when aerobics became popular, the sporty-chick fashion became major ! It's kind of the original version of our athletic look today altho with a combination of comfort & style .. it's kind of a tomboy look for some.

 From sport jackets to snap backs, sneakers, jogging suits, sweat shirts etc 

...these are only just a few of the trends from the 70's and you would totally agree with me that this trends have come back & to stay ... Don't even get me started on the 70's hair and makeup Lol ... these ancients were widely creative .

The first makeup approach in the 70's was the natural look that's only tend to enhance one's beauty. This favored the Hippies & Bohemians's 

 For the Disco & Glam rock fashion styles their makeup was bold and really colorful with shimmery cheeks we now refer to as highlights ...colourful lippies too and extreme eye shadows lol .. 

A lot of celebrities like singer 'Cher and Debby Harry' & Actress Farrah Fawcett rocked this trend way back in the days.

Recently in Lagos OAP Bolanle celebrated her birthday and guess what the fashion theme code was ? #Bolinto's90'sjam#.... but it was 70's Fashion style lol .. the pictures were so colorful and pretty, am sure the party was lit too ..i mean with a fashion theme like that , the party can never go wrong lol

Bolanle and Mocheedah.

Bo & Mo.

 To stand out in this new fashion trend, look for a 70's trend that suits your personsal style , try not to copy it directly as it was in the 70's ..the right combination of details and key styles into ur current wardrobe and you'll get the modern vintage look.

How do you feel about the 70's fashion being reinvented into our modern day fashion .

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