Friday, 29 September 2017


Rita Dominic serving us hot!
Rita Dominic serving us hot!

Hey guys! On today's post Slayed not Slained... 
Slayed' would mean to totally rock the outfit while 
Slained' would mean for the outfit to smash ya..& yeah in a bad way..  lol
So I'll be showing y'all the yay's & nay's on how to
look totally fab; well basically to slay & avoid being Slained .

  So Firstly;
* Know your style 
Every person has a kind of style, you need to know yours & own it.
Do not be deceived, It's mostly the person wearing the clothing that makes the outfit look slayed not the clothing in itself as you might want to believe .. take for instance Rihanna on the picture below 


Rihanna giving us hot sauce upandan lol .. You should know that not a lot of persons can pull these styles off, but well Riri is the Queen of fashion, she could wear rags and still look cool.. Lol
You see why you need to know your style & own it ! 

Mandy's look for her birthday pool party earlier this year or so .. can't really remember
Mandy's look for her birthday pool party earlier this year or so .. can't really remember .

*Know what you are comfortable in; People who know me personally can testify that am stubborn when it comes to this, if am not comfortable in what am wearing nothing anybody says is gonna make me go out in that outfit bc i'ld end feeling like a clown all thru .. 
Well that's me tho but you need to know what works for you ..

Eeeey! Gimme some Barbra Ray ...

*Know the colours would match your skin tone 
For instance being a light skinned person , you should refrain from wearing clothes with excessively shouty colours to avoid looking like the rainbow .. Lol 
You can't go out there looking brighter than your future honey ! (More emphasis on a later post)

*Know the clothings that would match your body shape
( would be emphasizing on these on a later post tho )
Very important guys very.

*What's your purpose ? 
Where are you going ? A dinner , lunch , picnic , beach , party, club ..,, etc 
Every occasion has an appropriate kind of style that would totally conform. So to be on the safer side, be conscious of the occasion before you pick out an outfit to avoid embarrassment .

I totally love Selena Gomez on this dress.. this should look fab on a dinner/lunch date with frds or bae..

And then finally 
*'Common sense'! Shop on a budget .. 
  People of God, be honest tho i can't be having 5k in my wallet and be going to major designer shops when i actually have other decent alternatives. So incase you don't already know there are many affordable clothing shops where you can also get greats stuffs asides those with brands like Gucci & all its other designer cousins.
Some humans would still wear expensive designs & totally look .... well ... SLAINED ! Lol 
A wise man once said & i quote ' Most people who wear designers also wish they could afford it'  
It's okay to wear expensive designers all am saying is if it's not within your budget don't stress it ! 

Because I love Rita Dominic .


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