Friday, 6 October 2017


Do you want to step up ur fashion game?

Grab a drink my friend ...i'll be considering
trends, comfort and style ..

Laced up Shoes

Laced up shoes are hot sauces right now, every fashionable lady already owns one or would love to own one ..  You would totally agree with me that laced up heels are gaining so much popularity these season, personally i think it has something to do with the way it adds an air of sultry sophistication to your outfit, it's almost seductive.. From pencil heeled sandals to block heels, pointy toes, flats ... various designs to choose from.
Am in love with the versatility of these shoes, the fact that you can wear them with a whole lot of outfits is a big plus .


Eeeyyy ... these are one of the most major street styles on trend at the moment. I mean these shoes are super COMFORTABLE . 
There was a time when it look weird to wear trainers on skirts or gowns ... but now fam everything goes, i mean everything lol... They are hot shots right now well bc they mix good with just about anything & you'll still achieve your desired style & comfort .. From Adidas to Jimmy Choo, Vans just name them ! 

Long straps/Cross body bags

If you are someone with an everyday busy life/routine ... this is absolutely your go-to bag . 
It is comfortable , accessible and provides enough room for important items like phone, keys ,wallet etc almost all the essential things you need to keep you going for the day. 


These pieces are timeless .. they've always been a go-to for me for as long as i can remember. From Jean jackets to blazers and then kimonos ..
It looks gooood when combined with either skinny or ripped jeans, skirts and even dresses . When you pair a jackets with other interesting pieces it infuses a bit of urban style into ur look. 


Story story ? Lol .. Once upon a time, when scarves were only being used in the church for prayers or during cold weather to wrap/protect the neck or when you having a bad hair day or when you are indoors & having a lazy day or even to hide from being seen on the streets; as most top celebrities do ..Lol
Don't get me wrong they are still used for these but now, also for so much more... Best believe fam, scarves are back into real fashion & oh do they look good? They are super gorge...from turbans to ankara head wraps to normal scarves that can be tied in different ways & used on different kind of outfits.

Cold/off-shoulder tops/dresses

Sexy shoulders took me by surprise this season , they just came back again & blew us away with the various designs... You know the way it shows off one's shoulders & skin creating a subtle sexiness with an alluring look eeeeish! 
The tops can be worn with Jean, pants, skirts, shorts.. there are also cold shoulder gowns, playsuits, jumpsuits .. 

Ankle boots

If you are feeling adventurous, this is your go-to shoes. Ranging from the ones with laced up details to the full ankle ones depending on ur taste .. some boots would make a person's legs look bigger while some makes it look slimmer & longer depends! just be sure to pick the right boots considering your leg shape and size.

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