Saturday, 30 September 2017


Clothing & accessories are a bunch of duo that look better together than apart..

With the right and proper combination of accessories, you could switch your look from a ' tacky Drab to a stunning Fab! ..
Fashion accessories includes ; jewelries, bags , shoes , scarves, sunglasses, belts, brooches, hairpins etc

The idea of this post is to show you guys the various ways to combine your clothes & accessories without loosing idea of the style.

Jewelries; For instance when wearing patterned fabrics .. Simple accessories are the best option to avoid looking too dramatic ..Same goes for ruffled, fringed, sequined, embroidered garments, there is so much activity goingon in these kind of fabric patterns already, that's why it is better to wear less accessories to keep the emphasis on ur outfit.

For cold shoulder/ low necked dress, the neck could be left rare or bare and the jewelry activity focused on ur ear or ur hair instead.. tho simple costume on the neck wud look stunning too!

Bags; Tall/thin ladies look best with short slouchy bags like hobos & clutch purses meanwhile Petite ladies like me should refrain from oversized satchels .. these kinda bags overwhelms their small frames .. Lol it would look as if you'r traveling all the time ! Bags with excessively long straps too is a no no!

The occasion should also determine your outfits, like when going for a business meeting/ interviews.. your outfit should radiate style & competence.. You know what they say about first impressions. Add jewelries that highlights your outfit not one that outshines it.

Glasses ;When shopping for glasses, it is safer to shop for a glass that fits the shape of your face &compliments ur wardrobe than to just go for trendy ..

Accessories are a necessity as a fashionista, your wardrobe be looking extensive because you can achieve multiple looks from one basic outfit just by changing accessories..

If you are going to make a fashion statement .. try to avoid accessories clash! too much drama bores the eyes.

Your accessories will define your style ; Your outfit can go from a casual 0 to a classy 10 real quick depending on ur choice of accessories.

My favorite quote when it comes to matching accessories with outfits is; ' Less is more !

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